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ARENA Company Dancers:
(From Left) Blake Nellis, Kimmie Allen, Sarah Baumert, Timmy Wagner, Dustin Haug, Elise Erickson, Betsy Schaefer-Roob

Renowned for its inquisitive nature in developing work, Mathew Janczewski’s ARENA DANCES re-draws the boundaries of its own work, challenging the bodies’ physical extremes and that of the body in relation to others and the space. ARENA creates and performs original modern dance choreography promoting community gathering, dialogue and impact. The work is abstract in form, giving shape to emotions, exploring the depths and the limits of what drives us as humans to connect, to break away, to survive. Just as our emotions can veer wildly, ARENA incorporates a highly kinetic style of movement, a sweeping physicality that takes in a broad range of feelings and the posturings we may make to protect ourselves in the world.